My best friend asked me to take her engagement photos and I said "sure!" That, weirdly enough, is how I became a photographer. Wait... what?!
The most experience I had with a camera was being an assistant at sessions in the past for a couple of photographers in my life!
But, something inside me was lit on fire that day and I haven't looked back! My passion for this work grows more each day, and I can't wait to share everything that I have learned along the way with you!
The best advice I ever received was: invest in education! I was lucky enough to have some incredible people walk alongside me, helping me make this passion of mine, what it is today.  I want to do the same for you!
I want to be your motivator, cheerleader, friend to lean on, and biggest fan!
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This session is geared toward new photographers looking to really take in the entire process start to finish with hands-on experience. We will start with a Q&A time, head to a session together, sit down to edit after, and of course more time for Q&A!

$750 for 3-4 hours

Full Meal Deal

Oh, editing. Are you struggling to get the consistency you're looking for? Or not sure where to start? Which program to use?
How to import/export? So much anxiety can be formed around editing and I am here to help calm those nerves and make editing a breeze! This session is dedicated 100% to walking through the editing process and editing questions.

$150 per hour

Editing Session

This session is the perfect way to utilize me for any and all questions that you have surrounding photography and/or running your business! Examples: posing, booking, camera settings, social media, etc. I offer either a coffee date or zoom meeting for these meetings! This is the most generalized session I offer and can provide the most in the shortest time!

$100 per hour

Q&A Session


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