Our photos tell stories. Stories that you will one day tell your grandchildren, who will then tell their grandchildren. Like a romantic comedy when the good guy gets the girl, or when you add the perfect amount of cream to your coffee and it just warms your soul... These are the stories we tell

Like Coffee, thanksgiving pie, and dances you made with your siblings as kids, we are the real deal.

Heartfelt, Candid, and Raw

Owner and lead photographer for Shailee Berry Photography. I'm a full-time Pacific Northwest based, traveling wedding and elopement photographer, living in Washington state! My passion goes beyond just snapping a few photos, but truly capturing who my clients are. I love capturing all of the in between moments of the poses. Genuine laughs, getting lost in each others eyes, and the times your personalities shine through the most. 
What I love most about shooting couples, weddings, and elopements, is that I get to witness the most important times in my clients lives and the emotion that comes with it. 
Through it all, clients become friends, and sometimes even family and those are the relationships I love to build. 

Hi, I'm Shailee!

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